Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingJennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal Training

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Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal Training"The journey is coming to a peak and I want to remind each of you that this experience, when you reflect back, will bring so many emotions back to you. It will have taught you so much about yourself and about the world around you.

Some of these things will not come into focus until you actually 'come down' from the whole event...but never the less, you will never be the same because of the exerience and self sacrifices you have ALL made...even those who have chosen not to compete know what you've done and all you have been through... you are a stronger person for that and it will carry you through many other things in life.

You will find you have strength when other do not...
You will find you have optimism when others doubt...
You will find you have courage when others fear...
and most important...
You will find you have faith and belief in achomplish..ANYTHING this world has to offer!!!

Onward and Upward Team!!!!!!

"Coach Jen"

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingDiane Mueller-
1st place Overall Winner &
Team Abrams Team Trophy winner- Davenport, Iowa- 2010

"Training with Jennifer Abrams has made me a better athlete, a better competitor, and most importantly, a better person. I came to Jen, as a person with some experience with competing in bodybuilding, simply looking for help with my posing and routine. What I found was a highly intelligent, exceptionally motivating, and deeply caring individual who turns her client’s goals into her own personal goals. I had no idea what to expect working with someone who is as accomplished in and who has achieved the high level of success in bodybuilding that Jen has. I was pleasantly surprised by the gracious, fun loving, compassionate individual who immediately set me at ease. I came to Jennifer with a fair amount of drive to improve myself. Jennifer took that drive and turned it into a burning hot passion to become the best competitor I can possibly become.

I admire Jennifer Abrams for her passion for the sport, for her ability to find the hidden potential within a person and bringing it to light, and for being self-confident enough to unselfishly share her knowledge and experience to turn each client into the best person possible. I am constantly impressed with her high level of intelligence. She never dodges a question. She answers every question quickly, efficiently and correctly. She has turned my entire weight training and dieting program around; and also took the lead in my competition preparations this season to ensure that I achieve the results I desire. Rather than focusing on the genetic defects of my physique, she taught me how to accentuate the strong points to my physique to make me look my absolute best on stage. Jen had me so well coached and so well prepared that by the time my competitions finally arrived, I was ready to go. I didn’t have to struggle with nervousness and self-doubt, I was so well practiced that my body naturally knew what to do. All I had to do was bring my body in to the show in the best condition possible. Thanks to Jennifer’s expertise, I came into both of my competitions this year with my most superior conditioning to date.

I am very proud to have represented Jennifer Abrams in two shows this spring, one in Davenport, Iowa where I won the light weight division and went on to win the overall in women’s open bodybuilding, and in Austin, Texas where I won the light weight division. We competed as a team at the show in Iowa, and Jen saw to it that our every need was met all day long. Although Jennifer wasn’t able to come with me to Texas, she was available to me at all times via text, email or phone calls. In fact, she would check in on me two and sometimes three times a day to see how I was feeling and how I was doing. She went above and beyond anything I could have ever asked of her during my entire competition season. I can’t imagine competing again without having Coach Jen on my side.

I would recommend Jennifer Abrams to any person who is looking to improve themselves inside and out. She has taught me to compete with grace and class, and to handle myself with dignity and pride. She taught me to believe that I belong on that stage with any other competitor and to always believe I am capable of winning every show that I enter. Jennifer turned a timid, mediocre competitor into a strong, confident, fierce competitor. I am eternally grateful that Jennifer Abrams was introduced into my life this year. I am also thankful that I was wise enough to recognize her for the gift she truly is and to respect her and treat her as such. I think so highly of Jennifer that she will be taking the lead in my off season training efforts and will be preparing me for any upcoming competition endeavors."

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingChief Clark- Streamwood Fire Department Chief-

"Dear Ms. Abrams,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your time and hard work helping to build the Streamwood Fire Department's Health and Fitness program. It's obvious to all involved that you've put a great deal of thought into the way firefighters work and the stresses their bodies undergo at a variety of emergency/rescue scenarios. Knowing that, we were impressed how you've designed a program meant to maximize muscle strength and improve cardiac function in order to avoid injury and prevent the potentially harmful or fatal cardiac events that, too often, firefighters encounter. I was especially impressed with how you took into account our day to day schedule, including emergency responses, and were able to give us a workout system that could be effective and accomplished even given the constraints of our daily duties. I know the discussion on nutrition and how to eat healthy even while facing the challenges of overcoming late or missed meals due to Fire/EMS calls will be especially useful to all our members.

We also appreciate your taking into account our current facilities and budget restraints, designing a system that utilizes our current equipment with only minor start-up costs. As with any program, budget is a primary concern, so the smaller the start-up cost, the easier it is to begin a program that will build upon itself, prove its monetary worthiness, and eventually justify current and future expenditures.

As with any structure, a strong foundation is the key building something that lasts and stands up to the stresses that it encounters. This is true not only for buildings, but for successful programs and the human body itself. You've help give the Streamwood Fire Department that foundation and we hope to build a strong and successful health and wellness program on it.

We know this is just the start, so we look forward to working with you in the future, helping to build our program as well as our health and fitness.


Chris Clark
Fire Chief – Streamwood Fire Department"

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingMaleah:
1st Place Figure Short Class and Overall Figure Winner - November 2007

I was sent to Woodfield mall (on Tuesday) by my boss and friend, Oleg. When I finally made it though the traffic and into the store I sat waiting for the lady to help me. I started to lose my patience and quickly I thought to myself: "in an hour I can eat, on Christmas I will see my nephew, I have two legs, I can see and feel, just settle down. " Everyday since last week, I remember that email u sent to us.

Now that things are back to normal (diet, gym) again , I feel so much stronger than ever before. I feel like I can do anything! I work harder for my company, I am more patient with my co-workers, I talk to my sister longer on the phone, I am more thankful to my Momma, I am more cautious with my finances, I smile more and get more smiles. I let people work in with me at the gym(LOL). Today I pulled my credit for the first time ever. To discover it's not bad at all. In fact I could buy my own house if I wanted to .....I never pulled my credit because I was scared it would be embarrassing. If I can change my body and not eat sweets for 12-16 weeks, I can change my bad credit....I can't even explain how it felt to discover my insecurity was invalid. WOW.

Anyway!!!! I hope u find pleasure in reading this!!! I am really happy I chose to be part of Team Abrams...

Oh, and I picked up the Muscle & Body magazine at Deerfield Vitamin Shoppe you were in. I asked "Do you guys know Jen Abrams , she is awesome! Anyway, I read it all, and I re-read the part where u said that not all people who seek your help for a show are "going to go somewhere with it"...So u telling me that I can, is a HUGE compliment/inspiration.

The whole article is very nice, and I LOVE how Wade's hand is kind of resting in your hair. ADORABLE

Thanks for everything!!!

Love, Maleah

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingEric Brown:
Working with Jennifer was a great experience for me. Her knowledge, guidance, and encouragement were invaluable. I greatly appreciate her being able to help take my physique to the next level, and definitely look forward to going to higher heights in the future. Also, I can honestly say I don't consider her as just a coach, or a trainer, but a good friend as well. I hope we can win championships together in the future.

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingGina Marie Pinzon:
Hi! My name is Gina Marie Pinzon and I'm 31 years old. A few years back, I went through a "rough patch" in my life. My attitude and self esteem, along with my physical appearance went down the drain! I had always prided myself in being fun and outgoing, but the new me wasn't allowing the real me to come out of her shell. I became more introverted and overall displeased with how I had "let myself go". I met Jennifer Abrams through my step-dad. He was competing in his first bodybuilding show, and she was his coach. He told me how nice and supportive she was, but it wasn't until I met her that I knew it all to be true. Jen has an infectious smile and overwhelming kindness that draws you in.

My step-dad recommended that I go to see Jen. Maybe meeting with her could get me on the right track. I thought it was worth a try, and I already knew how great she was! I watched her work with my step-dad through every minute of his show, so I knew how dedicated she was. The first time I met with Jen on my own was life-changing for me. It felt as though I walked into a room of light - filled with kindness, support, concern, and happiness. Jen's smile is infectious! Her knowledge and dedication to her clients and the sport itself is inspiring. Having her be a competitor and champion herself reminds me that my goals were obtainable. She helped me find "me" again. I am forever grateful to have had her as my coach. I competed in my first figure competition 6 months and 31 lbs after our first meeting. I competed again early this year at 37 lbs from my starting point. And I am starting to train for my next competition in April of '09. I could not and would not do a show without Team Abrams on my side. Not only is she a great coach, but also a wonderful friend. Her sincerity is unmatched and her devotion is unparallelled. I am proud to be part of her team.

Love ya, coach!! Go Team Abrams!!!

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingLaura A. Martin
I want to tell you how thankful I am to have met Jennifer, she taught me so much about bodybuilding and becoming a competitor. I respect her values and how she showed me that nutrition and fitness alone can push your body to it's true potential. Being part of Team Abrams made my expierences very positive, and Jennifer's reputation shows that. I will use these life lessons throught my own life. Thank you Jennifer, so much again for all you have done.

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingJennifer Puzzo
"oh, have so much to learn!"

Training is tough. There is no other way to describe it and honestly, it's kind of like child birth...not until you're in it, do you really understand what it takes to make it happen.

I embarked upon this journey with Jen and really was excited...a bit nervous too, but more so excited. I thought how glamourous it would be to be training and having a sweet body. I thought how fun it would be to be tan and thin and wearing those two piece bathsuits, especially after babies. I was "pumped"...

And naive! And then reality hit. This was tough. Diet, weights, cardio, posing, getting suits, figuring out tanning, loss of energy. There really was no way to describe it. It was a lot, and it was rough, and it was more than I had bargained for. But as I had all of this going on, there was only really once person I could count on who was going to get me through all of this, and that was Jen. As the weeks went by, Jen was truly the only person who fully understood the trials and tribulations I was facing. I could call her in my weakest moments and have her completely pull me up by the boot straps and get me refocused. She pulled me through at times I really didn't think I was going to make it, with a postive attitude and many different ideas and ways to get me over the hurdles. In all of this, her goal was to see me suceed, she never gave up...even though at times I think i might have.

If I didn't have her, and I mean truly have any moment by cell or e-mail or for our appointments, I would have went bust early on. She not only gave me the knowledge of how to get along on this process, but more importantly the strength in words and emotion and action. Anyone can give you and idea of how to do something, but there are few who truly go out of thier way to make sure you are okay, to get you realigned and point you back in the right direction, and who become your number one fan. She is not just a coach, she is a friend. She will believe in you, support you and push you all in the right direction to make sure you make this journey your personal best, and to me, there is nothing more you can ask for. If you want someone who is going to give you 110%, she is the lady. All you have to do is look at her and how hard she trains and you'll know you are in excellent company!

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingNilsa
I contacted Jennifer Abrams 7 weeks before the 2007 Continental USA Bodybuilding Championships contest. Knowing that I needed someone that could help me obtain my dreams, I called on Jennifer.

I had done three previous contests and placed rather well. So I thought.. if I had the right person to help me, I just might pull this off and achieve my dream of placing 1st in my division. She graciously agreed to help me with the contest diet and posing.

Well, she was a trooper! After just having a baby, she took time out of her busy schedule to help me and with my diet and posing. She gave me the diet, pointers, helped me understand why I was doing certain things, answered all of my questions and gave me great insight! She was also very patient too I might add!

Not only did I get 1st place, but I won Overall to my surprise! I feel the big contributing factor to my success in reaching my dream of winning Overall for this show was Jennifer!

Jennifer has a kind and understanding way about her that makes you feel you are in good capable hands, and I certainly was!

Jennifer is very knowledgeable and possess the ability to inspire! A rare quality these days! I will be going on to Masters Nationals in 2009 !

My hats off to you Jennifer! Wishing you continued success! And may all YOUR dreams come true!

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingJanelle
2002 NPC All- Natural Muscle Classic
Light-Weight Winner & Team Winner (Team Abrams)
"I am 26 years old and have been a Police Officer for 4 years with Glendale Heights. I have been working out since High School and during College I competed in Powerlifting and played Womens Rugby. I am currently on a Womens Flag Football Team now out of Chicago. I wanted to compete as a challange for myself, I have been working out for out a long time and really wanted to put that energy into more of a "visual outlet." My current goals are pretty simple: to be the best I can in everything I do- and hopefully to be sucessful along the way. :) After talking with Karen, and seeing pictures of her during a competetion, it made me start to think about competing and setting those type of personal goals. I really wanted to work with Jennifer because I knew that I would need some direction and one on one training, I was very happy with what I had heard about her through my friend Karen, with the training that she had provided her, and the results that she was able to obtain through Jennifer's direction/training. :)

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingKelly
Overcoming Many Obstacles

Not sure exactly where to start this so bear with me. My name is Kelly and I'm 34 years old and have been battling a self-image problem since I was in high school. It started in high school with an eating disorder. I started starving myself and taking laxatives. I felt that my whole self worth was wrapped up in how I looked. The skinner you were the better you were. Needless to say I ended up hospitalized for anexoria. I spent a good month in a half in the hospital going to groups, meeting with counselors and doctors to try to figure things out. I was discharged from the hospital and told I was "cured". Maybe in their eyes I was cured cause I was eating again, but they never taught me how to deal with food, or my self-image. I have struggled with food since then. I was your typical under eater and cardio junky. I ate only enough to get by and skipped meals. Thinking this would help maintain where I wanted to be. Little did I know it was having a terrible impact on my metabolism and my body. All I knew was that I wanted to be "skinny".

Now, many, many years later I have a whole different attitude. I don't want to be "skinny" I want to be healthy and active. I'm happy with me, I'm a good person regardless of what the scale says and believe it or not I competed in my very first competition. I owe much of this to Jennifer. Jen helped me to see so many things. She trained me thru my competition, and not only was she my trainer she was my friend. She was there to talk to me and to support me. I never imagined that thru this journey on my way to competition I would change so much, but I worked thru so many of my demons and self depleting actions. I feel like I tore myself down and built a whole new person due to lots of hard work, on both our ends, and many tears, I came out of that experience a truly changed person. Jennifer has taught me to open up and really feel things, I now could care less what the scale says, and in fact I want to see it go up. My self worth isn't wrapped up in what I look like. I no longer struggle with food, I eat; just ask any of my friends! I have learned thru my time and friendship with Jennifer that there needs to be a balance in my life. I still workout but I probably enjoy it much more than I used to, I train hard, and I see changes happening to my body and it's beautiful! I'm hoping to compete again, maybe this year, may not. But one things for sure I want Jennifer there by my side as my mentor and my friend. My life has truly been changed because of Jennifer; I believe she was an angel sent to me. I know that she will always be part of my life. I can't believe where I am now and where I was just a few years ago. It seems like it was a lifetime away. I will never forget what I've been thru, it's was definitely a long road, and I'm glad I had Jennifer by my side these last few years. She has taught me so much is just a few short years that all the doctors in the world could never have done. I'm a better me because of my struggles and because Jennifer cared enough to go thru it with me.

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingKim Botdorf
I came to know Jennifer while watching her compete in May 2005 at the Grand Prix Naturals show in Rockford IL. My significant other, George and his budding production company, Pradel Productions, was the official video producer of that show. So not only did I get to see Jennifer do her thing that day, I got to really watch it while George was preparing the DVD’s for the competitors that ordered them. To say I was impressed was an understatement. Here was a woman that had the exact physique I was after.

About a week after that competition my phone rings one morning and the caller I.D. said Jennifer Abrams. She explained that with all that went on that day, she forgot to order herself a DVD. I got all her information so we could get a DVD to her and before we hung up I had to let her know what an awesome job she did that day. A few more days go by and my friend Erin informs me that Jennifer has a website. I immediately logged on and signed up for her member’s only area. While doing this I also noticed Jen had an e-mail and I started to converse with her. I told her I hope that she didn’t find it insulting but I could honestly see why the judges pulled her that day in Rockford for drug testing, she was head to toe rock solid muscle. In the midst of our e-mails I asked Jen about personal training and here I am, under her wing, preparing for my 2nd natural body building show in November 2005. As I said earlier Jennifer has the physique I have always imagined, and what is so wonderful is we are built very similar so I know that my physique dreams can be and will be reality with a lot more hard work and effort on my part and Jennifer’s guidance.

At first, I found myself impressed by Jen’s physique but now that I have come to know her, I find myself even more impressed with how this lady pulls it all together and juggles her personal pursuits as a natural body building competitor as well as being a wife and mother.

My reasons for wanting to compete again are on many levels. But mainly because, while I felt great about what I did the first time I competed and how I did it my first time around, I know I can do better. And sitting there that day in May 2005 at almost 180, I felt very out of place around those competitors. What made it worse was I WAS one of ‘them’ only 6 months before and I promised myself that day to be one of them again, only better this 2nd time around. With Jennifer’s guidance I KNOW that will be a reality. I have told her my goal is to place in the top three of my weight class so we have our work cut out for us.

I thank you for taking the time to read about me. I am honored that Jennifer has asked me to join Team Abrams for the November show and I am excited to have you watching my journey back to the bodybuilding stage."

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingSue & JustinMiller
Mid-Illinois Classic 2004 Mixed Pairs Winners & Women's Masters Winner
and 2004 NPC Grand Prix Women's Masters Winner

On behalf of my son Justin and myself, I would like to share our experience of Jennifer's expertise as we prepared for the Mid-Illinois and the Grand Prix bodybuilding competitions.

Preparing for and competing in two competitions back to back was a tremendous amount of work. Needless to say, the experience was full of priceless memories for Justin & I. You can imagine the incredible pride we felt performing together. We appreciate all of Jennifer's assistance with posing and performing. It really helped with our confidence level. We just love the routines that she choreographed for us, especially our Mixed Pairs routine. We have received so many compliments of that routine. Compliments came from judges, friends, family, and even strangers.

you know, this past weekend we performed our routine as part of the Bench America Fitness Expo. While we were there, we had so many people that we didnt know, come up to us to tell us that they saw our routine in Ottawa and just loved it. It was really a thrill! We felt like stars for the day. To top it off, a picture of us performing the routine appeared the Daily Herald the following day! Jennifer is a unique and talented woman. Her warmth and passion shine through. That passion, combined with her talent makes her a priceless commodity in the fitness and bodybuilding world. She inspires people to dream big, work hard, and be the best they can be. I'm sure that she will touch a lot of people during she career.

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingTerese
I am a 37-year-old-mother of 6-year-old twin boys and a 3 year old girl. They are the source of my greatest joy in life and also a big part of the reason that I have not been able to find any time to take care of myself or my physical well-being. I began working with ennifer when my twins were two years old. I would love to say that I began having Jennifer train me because I realized that I needed to be at my physical best to have a long and healthy life. The truth is, I knew I was going to have to wear a swimsuit on an upcoming beach vacation with my husband and his colleagues. Mind you, I was still wearing my maternity clothes and my uniform was pants with an elastic waste band and an oversized shirt.

Enlisting Jennifer’s help was hard for me because I couldn't imagine how I would find the time, and I was nervous about having ANYONE assess my body on any level. Not only did she immediately make me feel comfortable, but I realized she was a goldmine of knowledge about exercise and diet. This actually ended up saving me time, because she was developing the workout routines, diet guidelines and other tips that would take years to learn. She has introduced me to yoga, boxing, weight lifting, aerobics and most importantly, to my own potential. I am now a 4 year client of Jennifer's. I never anticipated how strong I would feel; how much more energy I would have at the end of the day; how taking time for myself could be so exciting; how my body is becoming more of a friend and less of something I try to ignore. These things are GREAT! Jennifer alone is responsible for these positive changes. She is kind and inspiring, but above all, she is an expert in this field.

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingValerie Jankje
What can I say about Jennifer Abrams? Hmmm… Well, first of all she ROCKS! I have been competing in Figure for 4 seasons. I have done reasonably well in low level shows, finishing 1st and 2nd at the G&A Chicagoland Fitness Extravaganza. But on the NPC level, not so well…

When I had my most dismal finish ever in November of 2006, I asked around for a coach. I had been working with a coach out of Ohio, who was wonderful, but not getting me where I wanted to go. The promoter of the Natural shows in Illinois suggested Jen. Now, I had been a huge fan of hers for quite some time. I always appreciated her style and presentation on stage. She was always the picture of grace and strength. Exactly what a Natural Female builder should be. I followed her progress from afar (sounds kind of creepy, huh?), but never thought I could even talk to her. In fact, I was kind of afraid of her. Well, I shot off an email. Got a wonderful, positive and reinforcing response. I interviewed a couple of coaches, but I knew right away, Jen was my girl! Her response to my initial email was the sinker! She focused on my presentation. Not my muscular development. While I knew I needed to put some on, she told me I could get much better results if we worked on the “total package”. I met with her for a consultation. When we were finished I felt positively recharged! I actually asked her “so I’m not hopeless?”, she said no! I felt like I was. She said we would train like a builder (I knew I needed to put on some mass!). But, that was not her only focus. We worked on my posing, we worked on my total presentation. She cared not only about the physique, but also the person attached to it. She coached me and advised me on not just the competition me, but some of the other stuff too. Some coaches seem to forget there’s a person and a life attached to that physique. That competition affects all of it. Jen lives that! She is so approachable. Now when I look back, I wonder why I thought I couldn’t talk to her. She’s amazing and so real. She helps make me not just a better competitor, but a better person. My dismal finish (last place straight across, all judges in two classes), turned completely around. I finished 7th out of 12 in Masters Figure and 5th (missing 4th by only 1 point) in Medium Open Figure on May 3rd. My best NPC finish ever! We’re going to train for an ABA show in August and the NPC Mid-States Muscle Classic (yes, Jen, I’m on the team. You can count me in!) in November. Natural, Beautiful, Positive, Reinforcing, Amazing! Oh, yes, and most of all MOTIVATING! This is just a short list of the words I use when I describe her to others. She has been a singular influence in my life, unlike any other. Thanks, Jen. I don’t know what else to say.

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingJohn Pancorvo
Jen has been wonderful in choreographing my routine, I am very excited about it. She was also very helpful with correcting my posing. Getting to know her has been a pleasure, and I look forward to working with her on future routines.

Thanks Jen! You are a great professional!

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingGeorge Pradel
I first was made aware of Jennifer at Kevin Noble's 2005 Grand Prix show in Rockford.. I videotape the shows and one by one the competitors came out and did their routines, all of them for different reasons, some in the shape of their life, some had very deep meanings for being on stage. Then this pig-tailed raving beauty, with a ripped physique walks out on stage and the music "Girls just want to have fun"comes on and she pops up like someone shot her out of a cannon. She was entertaining, beautiful, had the right dance moves and had a physique that showed she worked hard at her sport. Come to find out later that she's a mother of two, a great wife, etc. but all of you know that already, that's why you're members of her site!

My friend Kim had wanted to do a show and my feeling is that if you are going to pursue something, find the very best person at that skill and tap their brains and work with them. She contacted Jen and they started talking about Jen training Kim. Through that Jen had expressed her desire to record her trip to Team Universe and truly capture her real life, the stuff you don't see on stage, the stuff that you think she doesn't have to deal with, I cant wait for all of you to see the results, you wont be dissapointed. I agreed to take on the project and have had the good fortune to witness the amazing abilities that Jen has with her varied clients. I jokingly call her the chameleon because she adjusts to each client, no cookie cutting for this trainer.

So why am I part of Team Abrams...I witnessed the guiding hand of Jen with Team Abrams at the last show, John Redington's amazing weight loss and posing routine. Cordula's change through the adjustment of a posing suit to flatter her physique, Carlos the gunslinger taking his bravado to the stage, Jen Nichols combining beauty, grace, an incredible physique and level of determination to present a total package in two shows 5 weeks apart from each other. Last but certainly not least Kim Botdorf, who I witnessed looking forward to Jen's butt kickings every week, practicing her routine, seeing the look on everyone's face when Jen performed the control routine for the first time (the video posted on Jen's site is the first time it was performed for Kim!) The fact that Jen gets energized by her clients getting excited about the routines and the way that they are progressing is a testament to her love of what she does. Look at Kim's face during and after her routine, you will see something there that was inspired by Jen, a smile, if you know Kim and her fear of public speaking, etc., this was an incredible feat and a testament to Kim and to Jen.

Jen goes beyond the physical and addresses the mental sides as well, without Jen, I doubt I would have the confidence to get back on that stage this year. I would not venture down this path with any other sherpa besides Jen. Besides, in two weeks my trainer will have her pro card :)

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them”