Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingJennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal Training

Competition Preparation

Competition Preparation Training/ Coaching

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingAre you preparing for competition or have you always wanted to? Are you in need of help with training, diet, suplements, posing, tanning, routine choreography, stage presence? Do you need a coach to take you from day 1 to the Big Day?

"Coach Jen" provides training and coaching for all aspects of competition.

This is a very personal journey that will tear you down physically and emotionally and build you back up stronger than you ever imagined! The day of the show you will hear your coach from the audience as your dream becomes a reality...and the words in your mind will be....."I Did It!!"

You will need to contact Jennifer before 16 weeks out from your show to use this option.

Contact "Coach Jen" for availability, pricing and requirements for contest prep. services.


Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingDo you have everything else in order for your competition except your routine for the finals..."Coach Jen" has 12 years of dance background and performance experience. Choreography is one of her specialties! Just provide your music to Jennifer by mail or she also has someone who can provide music cutting services, and a meeting will be set up to teach you the routine. If you live outsidet of Illinois and meeting in person is not possible, then "Coach Jen" will perform your routine on video and send it to you.

Contact "Coach Jen" for availability and pricing.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~ Woody Allen