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Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingI would like to begin this by saying none of my accomplishments could have been possible without the love and support of my parents, sister, and brother. I have the most supportive, goal-oriented family! They have been to every dance performance, track meet, and competition. My parents exemplify what it means to love. They have provided all the tools I needed in life, and then gave me the opportunity to spread my wings when the time was right.

I was born in Chicago, IL and after just 18 months moved to Newbury Park, CA with my parents. We lived there for 9 years where my sister and brother were both born. We moved back to Illinois when I was 11 and entering the 5th grade. (Where one boy used to tease and call me muscles, (and to think he used to make me cry). I still live in Illinois not far from where I grew up, and where my parents still live.

There was a time in my life when my husband and I were traveling like crazy around the US. that I would have moved back to California, but once we became parents I never thought twice about leaving my family. Some things are more important!

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingToday I own my Personal Training business, "Steps To Success Personal Training/ Coaching", and am the full-time mother of 4 children. I have been married since 1998 and know the meaning of multitasking! I have always been athletically built with wide shoulders and muscular legs. I was a sprinter on the track team in Jr. High School running the 100 meter and usually anchoring all my relay races. I was also heavily involved in the art of dance. From the age of 8 years old I have been performing in front of an audience under those bright stage lights. I have always felt alive and exhilarated performing and is there that I feel fulfillment beyond words. When I hear the beats of a drum or the keys to a piano my mind is creating movement.

I even had the opportunity to audition for the Chicago Academy for the Arts High School at the age of 14 and was accepted. I declined the scholarship to attend my local high school and dance at numerous studios in the suburbs and the city of Chicago, (including a scholarship for Joal Hall). In the end I feel I made the best decision with my mom's help. She is Mother-of-the-year every year! My life would have been very different had I chose to attend high school in the city.

While performing with a dance company in college, rehearsals several nights a week, and completing 22 credit hours, I was approached by a male graduate student (5' 11", 260 lbs.), who was looking for a mixed pairs partner to compete with. That individual along with all my "North Quad" buddies are the reason I competed in my first competition, and my hunger for bodybuilding began. Their passion and commitment to their goals and dreams lives within me today! What can I say except...I will never forget any of you! How I actually got involved with lifting was with my husband, Michael. I lifted in high school a bit and was nominated "most likely to FLEX in front of the mirror", but didn't incorporate it into my daily life until my husband and I began working out together my sophomore year in college.

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingI was a psychology major, realizing that I wanted to help people in a more preventative way by teaching them how to cope with stress and problems by exercising and obtaining the natural "high" that comes from physical work/ release. My maiden name is Reilly, and the alcoholism in my extended family runs deep. Finding a positive way to deal with difficulties was something I was forced to learn at a young age with a lot of incredible people such as; Dan, Char, Rex and the public speaking I did for the snowflake program and peer counciling groups I attended and led in high school.

My husband also introduced me to the magnificent great outdoors! WOW! What adventures we have had all over the United States. Rock climbing, river rafting, skydiving, cave splunking, back country backpacking, living on the road for up to two weeks. There is nothing in the world like waking up under the stars or on the beach...when it's all so simple you realize what life is all become a part of the beauty and feel connected and balanced. True peace! We even pumped our own drinking water in the back country, ate military rations and hung our packs in the trees so the bears would stay clear. I will never forget my travel days and the stories that still make me smile. My husband and I had some fantastic times with some incredible people. Tim, Jim, Googs, and Candi...our travel memories will never be forgotten! It is not where you are in life but who you are with that make it memorable and unforgettable!

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingMy life is very, very busy and filled with love these days. Married with four children ages 15, 9, 5 and 1 years old keeps me extremely busy at home! We are up to 10 sports/ activities in our household with just the three oldest; cross country, cheerleading, football, track, soccer, basketball, theater, volleyball, wrestling, and martial arts! Yes, my husband and I are busy:) In addition, I am training my personal training/ coaching clients and working with my on-line clients daily. I am so blessed to have a career that is exceptionally rewarding as well as so accomidating to our large family. my decision to retire from my 12 year competition career came when we made the decision to have our 4th child. I felt i had achomplished what I set out to do with my competition career and wanted to walk away at my best..and that I did! I can alway stand tall with pride of all the achomplishments I made as a LIFETIME NATURAL athlete! i also made the decision to retire from competing to shift my energy and time to my family and building my business. As our children mature they need more from us and our priority is assisting them in making their dreams and goals become a reality. My husband is very involved, helpful and affectionate with our kids as well. I am so fortunate to have that. we are partners in our parenting! There are so many fathers who miss out and mom's who never get their time away. I am blessed!

Check out my before and after baby pictures!

Jennifer Abrams, Steps to Success Personal TrainingMy goal in body building was to be a positive role model to others. I would like to say natural female muscle is beautiful and that being a mommy, (or struggling with a challenge), doesn't mean you have to loose yourself. There are a lot of people who count on you. There is nothing more important than your health! I want to stand for what is possible and attainable with hard work, multitasking and a lot of love and support of family and friends! One thing to never forget....Vision...always have vision in your life.

Instead of wishing and hoping for things to come to you, go out and make them happen...have a vision! Anything is possible... the only limits are those we place upon ourselves. Bodybuilding is an art to me. I am sculpting my own masterpiece and embracing the athletic, strong, feminine, creative women that I am.

Life gets tough when I train for a competition and I become extremely focused on my goal. I expect a lot of my husband and I don't think I can express adequately just how much it means to me that he has supported my dreams and ambitions, picking up the pieces where they have fallen over the years. I am truely blessed to have such an incredibly devoted and supportive partner and friend.

I would trade my life with no one! I have everything I want and all the tools to make my life what I visualize it to be!

My plans for the future... Enjoy every moment and milestone in my children's lives! Continue to be their loudest cheerleader and greatest emotional support system..reminding them my love and support in unconditional! Finding time to sneak away for a lunch date or date night with my hubby is always a great way to slow down a bit too...with 4 kids it's a challenge finding time just for us. When we do end up by ourselves we look at eachother and say "Wow...noone else is here, just's sooo!" I will return to the stage... each and every year with Team abrams and my clients who will be competing! I will be there to present trophies and represent natural athletics always! This year will be filled with many exciting developements so be sure to visit my site often and if you haven't already, "like" on facebook, join my members area here on my website, and check out my documentary.."Journey To The Stage".

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration. ~ Evan Esar